Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Facility...

Using the State of Art Machinery we achieve zero tolerance perfectly fabricated sheet metal components.

Our Equipments Include a FinnPower Lp6 Combination Laser cum Punching Machine, A Finnpower A5-25 Turret Punch Press, A FinnPower Tp2625 Turret Punch Press. All the Punching machines are equipped with Brush Tables to insure a Scratch Free and Smooth Surface Component. We also use world class Mate & Wilson Tools.

Our Bending Section consists of CNC Amada Press Brakes that are capable of giving consistent bends of any angle. Using large Bending Beds we can Achieve bends of larger lengths than most other fabricators

We use the latest electronically controlled Co2 Arc welding machines to ensure that your product has the smoothest and finest joints without compromising on the bonding strength.

The hardware we can offer is the best in the world. We rely on world famous Pem Rivets and Fasteners to ensure you do not have any problems when populating your finished product.

We  use all the latest and  state of art equipment topped with our  motto which is
OFFERING QUALITY PRODUCTS AT THE MOST COMPETITIVE PRICE.   Try us once and you will keep coming back. We do not Make components WE CREATE COMPONENTS BY COMBINING OUR IDEAS WITH YOURS. Contact us for a more personal Interaction.